35 Hours With Customer Service, No Resolution

Hello everyone who has lowered their blood pressure enough to write here. I of course have had a few terrible experiences with Airbnb.

The first cottage that I rented was listed as having a half bathroom. It had an outhouse, so I was refunded everything.

Later that day, it was relisted, again with a half bathroom, for 33% more a night. Their mistake made them all more money. What the heck?

We went on to rent another place that was obviously a lot more as it was now the middle of summer and few properties were left that even came close to our family budget. The second house was said to have 1.5 bathrooms. The host said that Airbnb made her list it that way because it had a sauna.

I have it in her chat saved, admitting that Airbnb made her do it. It had only one bathroom, no working TV — I contacted her and she replied “you have to turn the TV on…”

The gas BBQ was out of gas so we couldn’t grill and she wouldn’t answer us about that. The host took pictures from her neighbor’s view of the lake. Again, she wouldn’t comment. Her new listing has her pictures changed. I looked at three trees for a week instead of a picturesque lake.

I complained to the host and got a negative feedback comment saying that our communication was bad. Again, I have our chats where we spoke almost daily.

I have honestly been on the phone with 22 reps and 13 sales managers for 35 hours of my time. At first they gave me a refund for only the service fee. Neither Airbnb nor the host lost any money. I called again and complained. They gave me a coupon for a random $138. One refund was a coupon and one was cash; it makes no sense.

I demanded that my coupon was also put back on my credit card. They said a special team would take 72 hours to review the chats and calls and then they would get back to me. Magically also my chats all disappeared right after the call.

They called a week later and said that they made their final decision with the coupon. They said they would not change coupons nor did they review chats and calls as they promised. They said there was no such department.

I asked what they did for a week. They would not answer that one.

Seven days later when it was too late to book on a real site like Expedia, my vacation was over. For all coupon holders, I wonder where all the interest goes that they are keeping by giving coupons. Their sales reps have no clue.

I won’t mention my 35 hours on the phone with them. I have never dealt with a more incompetent company.


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  1. They seem to go out of their way to be incompetent. As you say, more than any company you have come across. Lesson learned!

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