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AirBNB has grown too big and corrupt to care about the guests and hosts it is supposed to be supporting. Read airbnb reviews and complaints here before using airbnb!


We just received a very interesting insider tip from a whistle-blower who currently works for Airbnb!  They said everyone should call 855-424-7262 and ask these three questions:  

1) If User Policing is going to ghost their account

2) Why more than 1300 accounts have been hacked in the last month

3) How many friends they have to have on Facebook before the algorithm will automatically accept it as their online verification. 

Terrible Airbnb Experience

I think is full of property owners who try to make money without paying tax, it is all a scam, or else plenty are breaking rules to sublet their properties. My experience with in Lima was awful.

The first time I stayed at a Airbnb property in LA, it was wonderful. The host was nice, the property was first class. So, I thought I will do it again when I visited Lima. I actually stayed in the new Lima Hilton Miraflores for the first 2 nights, after travelling through different places in Peru, my other half booked a property in Miraflores, thinking the best way to learn about a country is by living like the local.

Boy did we make a mistake? The property was not big, but it has 3 bedrooms, one double room facing the main street and two twin-bedded room at the back. There are only two of us. The rate was US$110 each night. We walked in, it looked fine. Barely 5 minutes later, the owner’s estate friend rang the doorbell. I only noticed later on that there is a CCTV looking gaget next to the door, though I am not sure it is for show or it is used to monitor house guests. This person does not speak English or French, only Spanish. I noticed that it was quite cool and damp in the place, so I asked for a heater. That is when the trouble starts. The owner was contacted, first she said it is a health and safety concern, then she said she will ask her friend to look for one, but then no one ever come back with one. One has to understand, even though it says 18 degree C, which is 64 F, it could still be chilly, because of the humidities in this country. While we are back and forth by email trying to resolve this issue. The owner Rita Weber sent an email to the’s customer service, and sent us a reply saying that heating was not one of the amenities. I was shocked, hot water and bedding are not listed as amenities, but do vacation rental provide them? Because it is such simple run of the mill things travellers expected. So we ended up sleeping in long sleeve T shirts, 5 layers of blankets, because her place does not have any thick blankets.

Then there was not enough hot water to run for a hot bath, there is enough hot water only to run for a luke warm bath. I notified the owner, but nothing was done.’s customer service is despicable, there was no more reply.

A House Manual was only emailed to the house guests after one booked the place, i.e. after you have paid for your accommodation. This particular owner is on the unreasonable side, there are so many rules, and she emphasizes that they have to be followed — Am I living in a boarding school?? Then another ridiculas one is that one person can only do 1 laundry each week!!

Our of the 3 bedrooms, the one with the double bed next to the balcony at the front is very noisy, you can hear all the cars honking and nearby hostels and restaurants’ people coming out late at night…….

I will NEVER USE again, and especially not this properly which has a property number 440298, and is located in a building in the 400 block of Alcanfores in Miraflores Lima, Lima 15074.

Beware of it, since all guests are pre-paid, it is unlikely you can back out once you paid. Plus was not helpful in resolving issue.

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  • isabella glockner says:

    You must be unfamiliar to the fact that 90% of the houses in south america don’t have heaters because winter is only 1..2 months a year. The heater would be an extra, like air conditioner. You can’t expect to go to europe in the summer and find a fan or AC.

    October 3, 2013 at 7:37 am
  • Johann steinberg says:

    Yeah, i agree.
    Not heater needed in south america.
    This guy need to learn a little more about the world, before travelling.
    Short open minded person.

    February 19, 2014 at 10:44 am

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